Advancing the Science of Orthodontics

Complete records collection, analysis, and Invisalign submission.

Invisalign Case Submission 

Complete Invisalign case submission includes panoramic x-ray,  intra-oral and extra-oral digital photo montage, and digital impression with bite registration.  We provide excellent, accurate orthodontic records necessary for custom orthodontic appliances.

Digital Impressions

Intra-oral scanning is the most accurate registration of the occlusal relationships. Digital impressions can be sent to multiple labs for custom orthodontic appliances or 3D printing.

Digital Radiography

Panoramic, Cephalometric, and 3D focused field imaging available.

3D imaging

DICOM files of the CBCT scan can be provided on USB, disc, or shared through a secure HIPPA compliant portal. Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scans offer 3D information useful for treatment planning of complex cases, impacted teeth and the evaluation of root resorption and position. 

Indirect Set Up

Indirect delivery of orthodontic appliances.  We position brackets and build a custom tray for indirect bonding. Provide us with your bracket of choice, or choose to use our metal, ceramic or gold buccal brackets. Lingual brackets also available.

3D Printing

Digital impressions allow us to provide you with 3D printed models within 10 days.